Thomas Alexander Stephens

Thomas Alexander Stephens

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Institute for Public Sector Economics
Department of Economics
WU Vienna
Welthandelsplatz 1
A1020 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 (0) 1 31336 5833
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I am a teaching and research associate in the Institute for Public Sector Economics at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. I am also an economics PhD student in the Vienna Centre for Experimental Economics at the University of Vienna. I did my MSc in economics at the University of Copenhagen and my BSc in economics and business administration at the University of Aarhus.

My main research interests are experimental economics, behavioural economics and public economics, including behavioural public economics. I am particularly interested in individual decision making under bounded rationality, using heuristics, rules of thumb and satisficing. In addition, I have an interest in the technical aspects of internet experiments. For details of my current research, see my CV. For details of my current teaching, click here.

My ongoing research includes several large-scale internet experiments conducted as part of the iLEE project. These experiments involve money illusion, household finance, individual investment and social preferences. In addition, I am working on related laboratory experiments.